The Beginnings

August 1998, 3 kupelas are installed at the 17th of the district of Aguerria in Urrugne, marking the start of a new drink business: sagarnotegi (ciderhouse) Txopinondo.


In January 1999, fans were able to enjoy the first txotx of Iparralde (North of the Basque Country). Sagarno took an economic place after forty years of absence. 


Thanks to those who believed in our project by partnering as a supplier for their projects we were able to succeed.


From Urrugne to Ascain

Since 2001, our premises could no longer answer the growing demand. We had to find solutions.


The problem was to respect the requirements very precise with the land price difficulties in the region. It was finally the village of Ascain and its location on the craft area of Lan Zelai that made our choice.


The essential is still preserved: stay in the Basque cider core - which means staying in the cultural influence of cider villages of Guipuzkoa such as Astigarraga and Hernani.


Since 2004, the Txopinondo products are made in Azkaine and TXOTX meals are celebrated throughout the year.


In 2011, more than 20 000 visitors of all ages, from all the country or elsewhere, have tasted our cider specialties.