SAGARMAHATS: our apple -based aperitif

Apple (SAGARRA) and grapes (MAHATSA) illustrate the basis of this original drink.

Subtle blend of apple juice, brandy Sagarno and Basque red wine AOC Irouleguy, SAGARMAHATS ide ally accompany your moments of conviviality.








Based aperitif apple juice, brandy Sagarno and 4% of Basque Irouleguy AOC red wine. It alc. vol as 17%.



75cl bottle, screw cap.

The view of the cellar master

Beautiful bright vermilion dress. The apple soft tannins bring roundness and length. The Irouleguy bequeaths Notes dried peppers and mountain .


Tasting Notes

Well struck , as an appetizer to accompany any style pintxos . And why not with a dessert or cake Basque sheep cheese and nuts, chocolate cake or apple pie .



Where to find our SAGARMAHATS ?

 You will find our SAGARMAHATS sold directly to Txopinondo shop or contact us for your nearest stockist.