SAGARNOA : litteraly apple wine

Sagarno (literally apple wine) made in Txopinondo is a fermented beverage made from apples, matured on lees in barrels for a minimum of six months, refreshing and fruity, served cold (approx. 53 ° F) with grilled fish or meat. We produce it according to an ancient and traditional method from local and elsewhere apples.





Fermented beverage made from apples. 100% pure apple juice 6% volume of alcohol.



750 ml bottles, Cardboard box of 12 bottles.


The "maître de Chai's" point of view
Taste it very fresh ... 12 ° C approx. Dry and fruity taste. Advanced aromatic notes, exotic fruit. The bottle should be shaken before opening to resuspend the natural deposit of unfiltered drinks. Served in a net of 20 inches from the flat-bottomed glass, Sagarno presents a generous pearl.


Tasting suggestions, serve with :
Omelets - cod omelet, cep omelet
Grill meat - ribs, duck
Grilled fish and seafood - bream, sardines, tuna, squid, oysters
Pressed cheeses: sheep cheese, Ossau-iraty.


Where to find Txopinondo?
You will find our cider on sale directly to the Txopinondo shop or contact us for your nearest retailer in your area.


We believe that quality of life is as important as the intrinsic quality of sagarno. The sealing quality is essential to guarantee a perfect preservation. Accompanied by IRUNDIN, a society from Irun, we have designed a bottling line for clogging with a metal screw cap. The bottle is the same model, except the neck which is a screw. The capsule is made of aluminum  and saranex seal which ensures a sealing for at least 2 years.

The advantages of the screw cap for the quality of Sagarno are numerous:

- No risk of TCA, no taste of cork

- Better preservation of aromas and flavors, the quality of the sagarno is the same as the one during the bottle setting.

- Sustainable preservation of the liquid pressure and therefore the intense pearl at the service time.

- Ease of transport at high temperatures without risk of expulsion of the cap and therefore no liquid spill and other collateral damage.

- For sanitary use because the capsule protects the neck portion which is in contact with the liquid

- Easy opening without corkscrew, can take the bottle on a picnic

- Easy to close and waterproof for a staggered consumption.

- Enhances the aesthetic presentation of the bottle during sale and consumption.